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Positive Paws has the only indoor, temperature controlled bespoke hydrotherapy pool in the UAE. Our Hydrotherapists have been trained to the highest possible standard.


What is Hydrotherapy?

Safe, controlled and always-supervised immersion in water provides a form of exercise that is non-weight bearing and zero-impact. This is greatly beneficial for dogs suffering with painful conditions such as arthritis.

The pool is equipped with both external and internal ramps, making entry and exit for your dog safe and manageable. Your dog will be fitted with a life jacket/harness prior to entry and a hydrotherapist will be present IN the pool with your dog at all times. Great effort and care is taken when introducing your dog to the pool and the concept of swimming to ensure your dog is comfortable with his/her situation.

The pool is also fitted with a jet stream option which can be used to create a current, increasing the resistance of the swim for the dog.


We can make your dog look and feel great!

At Positive Paws, great emphasis is placed on ensuring your dog enjoys their grooming experience.

Our groomers’ caring and professional attitude along with the use of positive reinforcement techniques and patience helps to relax and de-stress your dog, leaving him or her not only looking great but feeling great too!

Only the best skin and coat products are used.

Whether your dog requires a simple wash and blow-dry or a breed specific cut, we meet all grooming needs.

Our purpose built grooming area is designed to cater for all breeds and personalities, leaving your dog feeling rejuvenated.

Fun Swims!

Great exercise and great fun!

Bring your dog to enjoy the hydrotherapy pool, splash in safety, get some all over exercise and a great amount of play.

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