Positive Paws | Daycare
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Our Facilities

Our facilities are open from 7:00am to 7:00pm and we also offer pick up and drop off services throughout Dubai.

We have 4 separated rooms for our Daycare clients to cater for each dog’s individual needs, size, age and behaviour. All are fully supervised at all times with experienced, caring and qualified staff.

Doggie Daycare

Our Doggie Daycare offers your dog the opportunity to socially interact with other dogs and staff. In turn, this reduces boredom and destructive behaviours and provides mental and physical stimulation.

As well as providing personalised care and attention for each dog, we ensure a healthy balance throughout the day between fun and quiet time, play and rest time!  We even provide healthy snacks and chews during the timeout sessions!

Behavioural Assessment

To ensure all dogs at Positive Paws are always happy and safe, a short behavioural assessment is carried out with your dog. This is to make sure your dogs specific needs are met regarding handling, levels of socialisation and confidence. After this we’ll discuss the assessment with you to ensure your dog gets the care it deserves.

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